Minmoo Studio





The story behind the name Minmoo is quite simple really. As child my nickname was Missy Moo and later in life it became Minnie Cat; hence the min + the moo. Something about the playful and quirky nature of the sounds merged together felt like the perfect fit for my personality, for me as a designer and for what I want this studio to represent.

Minmoo Studio believes that your design journey and the best visual storytelling can happen when you are having fun and enjoying your creative experience. Branding should not be a daunting aspect of your business; it should be the playful, fun self-expression you never knew you had inside of you! I believe successful brands begin with thoughtful, inspired ideas and end with distinctive, unforgettable designs. 

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My name is Kara Breaux McGuire, founder of Minmoo Studio, a New Orleans native and a product of generations of creativity: artists, painters, writers, musicians, storytellers and dreamers. So, it comes as no surprise that I am a designer, a stylist, a visual storyteller, and above all, a dreamer.  I guess you could call me a Jill of all trades. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography from the LSU School of Art + Design, I expanded my skills by working as the Display Coordinator for the retail company Anthropologie. I then stretched further as the Art Director for a Louisiana-based jewelry company, Grandmother’s Buttons. My passion is exploring the heart and soul of a company’s story and then finding ways to visually express that message by giving strong brand development to authentically represent the artist, individual or company. I am a woman about the details, and I integrate that focus into my many creative platforms. 

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, biking through the streets of New Orleans, drinking coffee, cooking and going to any festival involving food or music (which is pretty easy living in Nola). I also have a small obsession with movies and cats.